Treating the brain with sound is a radical treatment for depression.


New research shows that bursts of sound waves above the range of human hearing, appear to boost mood and ease depression and anxiety. Volunteers report significant improvements in their mood within ten minutes of a single burst of sound waves.

Sound treatment is believed to stimulating brain cells called neurons, in the areas of the brain that govern mood. The scientists experimenting with this therapy hope to turn it into an effective alternative to anti-depressant medication.

Nearly one in five people in Great Britain are affected by depression, and the prescribing of anti-depressant medication has reached record levels. Most of these medications work by adjusting the levels of a brain chemical called serotonin.

Anti-depressant medication is primarily effective for severe depression, although there is controversy over whether or not these medications help with mild depression. Anti-depressants can also trigger side effects ranging from nausea and fatigue, to weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Talk therapy with a qualified therapist is also effective, but it’s questionable whether or not insurance will pay for it.

New research suggests that sound, may offer a more affordable alternative. It has been known for years that at certain frequencies, sound can stimulate or ‘excite’ cells in the body by making them vibrate. For example, experiments on mice have shown that sonic waves aimed into their brains can stimulate cells that control movement, making them jerk their feet.

Scientists at the University of Arizona wanted to see if the mood of humans could be affected in a similar way. Fourteen students were recruited, and half were blasted with sound by holding an ultrasound probe against the side of their head for 30 seconds. The other half were given a placebo treatment using the same probe, but researchers stopped the sonic waves. All students were told the experiment was for pain control. The researchers checked their mood ten minutes after the treatment, using a special scale called the Visual Analogue Mood Scale.

This scoring system rates emotions of sadness, fear, confusion, anger and general tension on a scale of 0 to 100, with higher scores representing more positive emotions, like happiness. The results showed students given the placebo treatment showed an average score of 58.4 points out of 100 before the treatment, and 58.3 ten minutes later. But the ultrasound group saw their score rise from 54.6 to 59.3 in just ten minutes.

Professor Nick Craddock, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, had this comment on the research: “It is interesting that ultrasound to the head has some effects on brain function and can influence mood. There is potential for it being helpful in clinical depression and anxiety. But this will need a lot more work and well-conducted clinical trials before it could be brought into the clinic.”

Drug companies are currently developing anti-depressants that can work within hours, instead of weeks. Most anti-depressant medications take a minimum of two wweks to take effect, and as long as seven weeks to be effective. Research from Yale University indicates that two different drugs, Ketamine and Scopolamine, may ease symptoms within two hours, but both drugs can have very serious side effects, such as paranoia and hallucinations. Scopolamine, aka “Devil’s Breath”, derived from the Night Shade plant, has a particularly controversial reputation; it has been used by gangs in South America to “zombify” unwitting victims, and rob them.

Sound therapy treatments do not have any known adverse side effects, and are generally deemed safe, although it is not advised to stop any anti-depressant medication that you are currently prescribed.

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