By Taking Spiritual Inspiration, Anxiety Diminishes And Gets Easier To Manage #anxiety

depression and anxietyEveryone feels the effect of anxiety from time to time, but there are those for whom this is far more than a brief passing episode. In many sufferers symptoms can worsen to the point that they are completely overcome by a full blown attack. Many are finding that with the continuous use of bible verses anxiety can be brought under control.

The lives of many people have become unbearable due to the impact of this condition. The onset of symptoms present themselves and affect people in different ways. Some people are affected by events such as leaving their homes, while others by congested or wide open places. For others it may simply be exposure to certain circumstances in everyday life, a working environment or even certain social situations.

Indications of an attack vary from perspiration, hyperventilation, the shakes, palpitations and cramp in the tummy. In serious instances it can involve pain in the chest similar to a cardiac incident, inability to control the bowels or bladder or even total physical breakdown and irrational behavior. People who have no first hand experience, often fail to comprehend how the condition can have such devastating impact, yet this is the reality for many sufferers.

Treatments are as varied as causes and symptoms range from counseling, cognitive therapy, prescribed drugs, and even hypnosis. The condition will sometimes occur in conjunction with depression with the aggravating effect that diagnosis and treatment may become more complicated.

A type of spiritual treatment found to be of assistance to some is meditation on selected texts in the Bible. Many role players within Biblical events were under intensely trying circumstances and naturally affected by their anxious feelings. Successful outcomes were due to people overcoming their fears through faith. The writings of the Apostles contain many inspirational teachings by Jesus that deal directly with anxiety.

Prophets and teachers within other religious groupings also preach and write extensively, guiding their followers with those issues in life that bring on fears and worries. A small number of Biblical references are mentioned here. Further reflection on these and others may help calm the fears of some trapped within the nightmare world of their anxiety.

The records within chapter 6 of the Gospel of Matthew, verses 25 to 34, compares the lives of men and birds. The central point is that birds do not plant or harvest crops, but they live, through the grace of God, to prosper and flourish and mankind is provided for in the same way. The narrative further develops a comparison between lilies of the field and the splendor of Solomon asking if through worry and anxiousness one may increase the duration of life.

Many similar passages are to be found in the writings of both the new and old testaments. Luke chapter 12 and the Philippians chapter 4 may prove particularly calming and reassuring to an anxious soul. The book of Psalms is also full of inspirational words with Psalm 23 and 55 being especially famous. These and many others can provide a tremendous lift to people plagued by the worries and pressures of this world.

Bibles with good application notes and references or one of the many dedicated Biblical Study websites is all that is needed to find these and many other life changing passages. It is nice to know that in these times of great technological advancement, that through something as simple as bible verses anxiety can be calmed and cured.

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