What Can a SPECT Brain Scan Reveal? #depression

brainscan for depressionMost of the time diagnosis is the biggest part of the problem in getting the appropriate treatment. If the problem cannot be adequately diagnosed, it’s going to be impossible to figure out exactly what’s wrong. That’s exactly why Amen Clinics specialize in a different type of diagnosis.

That’s because they employ better types of medical devices than most hospitals are able. Through the Amen Clinic, you’re going to find an emphasis on what the SPECT scan can actually provide.

The brain can tell you everything you need to know about a person, if you’re able to get a good look at the organ. The problem is there are few ways to actually do that, while your brain is in your head.

But through the SPECT scan this can be done, and to great effectiveness for mental health diagnosis. It’s all about finding the right doctor to give you the right scan. Then moving on from there once you have the results.

The biggest difference between this type of scan and actually taking an x-ray, is that the SPECT analysis allows doctors to see organs being used. Such as if this were to look at your heart, they could see the heart pump and the blood move.

That’s the same with your brain. This literally allows the doctors through https://twitter.com/AmenClinicSF to look at your brain, and see how it reacts while you’re using your brain. That means taking a real look at where the problems are coming from.

Mental health is always found in the brain. There are always going to be cues and clues as to what’s going wrong and where. Through these types of brain scans you’re going to discover visual clues.

Your doctor will be able to look at your brain while you’re thinking, to see where the problem stems from. That means a much more accurate diagnosis, but also a much more accurate treatment plan to help you resolve the problem for real.

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