When To Seek #Grief And Loss Counseling

grief counselingDeath comes with an extreme emotional burden that is likely to psychologically affect the bereaved with long term devastating effects. This calls for professional grief and loss counseling to assist those affected in dealing with the situation. This is also the best way for them to find closure and avoid relapse or manifestation in another form. Therapy is necessary when one looses a relative, spouse, child, parent and even colleague.

The magnitude of the loss gets heavier depending on how the mourner related to the deceased. It might be more difficult to deal with the bereavement of a friend than that of a relative. For children, the dependency level to the parent or departed relative affects them to a very large extent. The support of therapists is crucial in relieving their emotional burden and assisting them to regain normal life.

Relatives, families and friends of the deceased might appear physically and emotionally resilient. The shock is likely to be buried deeper in their mind especially if the circumstances were gross and graphic. Many people easily handle departure after a long illness. Some of the difficult situations to handle include loosing an only-child or sudden death. This calls for support to allow mourning and closure.

Children are in a special category because the sudden absence of a parent or guardian is likely to disorient their lives forever. A traumatizing experience like an accident is likely to affect their emotional stability. It also leads to phobias and unexplained reactions. Counselors help the children to deal with the prevailing circumstances so that the children can adapt to change.

Parents too are affected by the loss of sons and daughters at whichever age. For them, it is worse because of the emotional attachment and the feeling of an ended future. Therapists understand this kind of loss and are ready to offer the support. Losing a child at any age affects the parent to a great extent and must be given the attention it deserves.

When a colleague passes away, there is a void that is very difficult to fill. The relationship or bond that develops at work is very strong causing heavy emotional burdens in case of any loss. The productivity of other workers is affected especially if the person died within the environment. Group and individual therapy are important to enable the colleagues to handle the loss and absence.

The counselors are highly trained and exposed to different scenarios. This gives them necessary tools to assist any bereaved person to find closure. They are professional and procedural to ensure solid recovery and long lasting closure. This will prevent relapse or mutation in another form.

A serene counseling environment makes the patient expressive which is necessary in finding closure. It allows the affected persons to release pent-up emotions and come to terms with the new circumstances. The sessions are scheduled for evenings, weekends or convenient hours during the day. The situation will dictate if the bereaved require group or individual therapy. Counseling extends until everyone has found closure.

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