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photo_15057_20100420There are children who do suffer from some mental issues because as they were growing up, they probably experienced something traumatic that haunted them as they were getting older. Now if a child is experiencing this kind of problem, one of the things that may help would be play therapy. Play therapy in San francisco has always been very popular because so many therapists there are very innovative. If one would want to know how these therapists work, here are some things he might want to know about.

Now as a general rule, the therapists who are in this field would actually treat patients that range from the ages three to about eleven although they might treat the pre teens. Now in special cases, these therapists may actually be called out to treat even teens who are going through psychological stress. In some bad cases, they would even treat adults who are suffering from mental illnesses.

Now the most basic way that one would do this type of therapy would be to have the kids do a lot of fun activities with toys. Since all children love playing with toys, then it is best to use this as a tool that can help with the entire process. Basically, what the therapist would want to do first would be to let the patient express his emotions through the toy.

Now in order to know more about the patient, it is essential that the therapist would first do an assessment. He should first do a background check on the child to know more about what the illness is and what probably caused it. He can do this by cooperating with the counsellors and psychologists of the child in order to know.

Now one of the key methods that the therapists would be using in order to determine how the patient thinks is the indirect method. The indirect method is wherein the therapist will ask the child to play with a certain toy. Once the he plays with it, the therapist will start observing him to see how he reacts with the toy.

Another way to be able to observe children would be to use a puppet and try to talk to them using it. Since puppets are appealing to most children, the children will have an easier time opening up to the therapist. This is actually a very good method that one can use in order to open up children who usually do not talk.

One of the common things that therapists would do would be to combine it with art expression. In order words, other than the usual play therapy, a lot of therapists would also get the children to do art to express themselves. This could be through drawing, sculpting, or even acting.

Of course this is the most tedious part of the process as once the diagnosis is done, the treatment can be made. One of the most common methods of treatment for these children would actually be psychotherapy. Of course the innovative and creative therapists actually combine methods in order to come up with more effective ones.

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