Increase Memory Power: Boost Your Memory In 4 Simple Steps #mentalhealth

Would you like to do some trivia and then never forget the answers? What if you would never forget a family or friends birthday or anniversary. Sadly a photographic memory is not common in everyone. Very limited amounts of the population actually possess the gift of this type of memory. The rest of us use little tricks like mnemonics to remember information.

Luckily, almost everyone can always improve their memories, and with proper time and exercise most people can enhance their brains’ ability to recall information. Whether you want to win a quiz show or ace your science exam, or simple remember where you parked your car, this article will help you to follow the right track.

1. Motivate yourself that you can have a good memory that can always be improved. Most people got struck in this idea and it seems they find it very difficult that their memory is bad, that they are not good in recalling numbers or names and some important information just slips out of their minds. Scrap these negative thoughts and promise yourself that you will improve your memory. Dedicate yourself to the task and monitor your achievement. Also, it will be very hard to be motivated if you keep on punishing yourself every time you make little progress.

Two: Exercise your brain. Utilize regular daily exercises and techniques to help grow and produce new nerve networks that will much improve your your memory and concentration. Skills like learning a new language or learning to play the piano will definitely boost your overall brain performance. Play trivial games and do puzzles to help enhance brain function.

3. Exercise your brain every day. A regular mental workout can enhance blood circulation and efficiency of the body; especially the brain and can help prevent memory loss that is prone for ageing persons. A physical exercise can also help us to be alert and more relaxed, and this will help us healthy processing of information.

Four: Reduce the amount of stress in your life. Stress is caused by the Cortical hormone which can produce damage to the brain after prolonged exposure. This can cause difficulty in memory recall. The hypothalamus sends a signal the pituitary gland to produce the adrenocorticotropic hormone or (ACTH).

In closing: Your brain is a very important part of your body and you must keep in mind that it needs to be exercised and stimulated regularly to ensure a better memory and a healthy brain.

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