Identifying A Bipolar Romance Novel Biography


There are books and then there are romance novels. While most romance novels deal with characters falling in and out of love, not many deal with mental disorders. Mental illness is an umbrella for a number of different disorders. Some of these disorders are born out of environment and experience while others are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. When it comes to bipolar and borderline personality disorders, these are caused by an imbalance. In fact, writers suffering from one of these disorders often include a combination of chemical and environmental factors when creating new characters for a bipolar romance novel biography.

Whether writing from fact or fiction, these individuals often make great novelists and writers. When it comes to writing from the concept of biography, it is easier to know how to create various actions in the character development phase. However, as in life, each character need have a separate identity and character traits even if suffering from the same condition.

As with any writing, it is imperative to ask permission before using any real person within the confines of a story. Otherwise, a writer could be confused of copyright, libel or worse. As such, whether writing factual or fictional aspects of a real person, it is best to have permission.

Some writers prefer to market these materials on the open market. Whereas, others prefer to target a specific group of people. Often, the latter will place these publications in medical offices and local outlets. In either case, the information will most likely reach at least a few people suffering from one of these disorders. For, current statistics show that one in four people now suffer from same aspect of a mental disorder during a lifetime.

The world is more aware of the effects of mental illness today more than ever. For, while not all suffering from these conditions are prone to violence, there have been too many whom have committed mass shootings and other crimes. As a result, many individuals suffering from minor conditions are now being discriminated against because of the actions of a few. Whether intentional or otherwise, acting out against an individual or group of people is never the answer whether that action is imposed by a government or others.

For example, there is a current push to ban individuals suffering from various forms of mental illness from owning a gun. Yet, at times, these can be some of the most vulnerable among us. As such, society needs to avoid generalization in this area. For, while some of these individuals have committed extreme acts of violence, the majority of people suffering from anxiety and depression have no desire to harm others.

By taking on these issues first-hand, a number of bipolar romance novelists are now creating characters affected by anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and others. In doing so, the audience can then see that different characters have different personality traits. After which, consciously or otherwise, people start seeing others as individuals rather than as part of a group mentality.

When it comes to locating publications related to a specific illness, it can often be good to look on sites like To obtain information on a specific condition, WebMD and other similar sites can often provide a great deal of information. Whereas, when desiring to obtain a list of associated materials, read or write reviews, then goodreads can be a great resource.

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