A Holiday #Depression Story. What To Do With Depression When It Tries to Kill You.


I feel like Scrooge in “The Christmas Carol”. Well he was really really unhappy on Christmas, but I am not stingy or miserly as he was. I am just sad, very very sad. My dear diary, I am sharing my thoughts with you because everyone else seems so happy. They say, it is the Christmas spirit. So why is it that I am the most lonely and unhappy person out there.I do not know what too do. Christmas makes me go down. The Holiday Blues perhaps. When I was a kid, Christmas was so much fun. Why can’t I enjoy Christmas as I did in the past. I just want to sleep. I think I am avoiding the situation by going to sleep. Or perhaps, I can eat my problems away with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream.

What to do with this depression?

It is cold out there. It’s gloomy and lonely too. I wish my hubby was here. He is abroad for a course. Life is incomplete without him. I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration. Like I am underwater and life is just an inch away from the surface.

What is Holiday Depression?

Many people might think that Holidays are a fun and laughter and time to avoid depression. On the contrary, Holiday Depression is faced by a number of people. People ask themselves why they are feeling down and unhappy when Christmas (or any other holiday) is around the corner. If you are suffering from “Holiday Depression” you will also like to know “what to do with depression” and enjoy Holidays as much as possible. In fact, Holiday Depression is a common phenomenon.

For some people, Holidays are not just fun and enjoyment. Many people suffer from deep sadness and loneliness during the holiday season. They might be lonely, divorced or they might have seen a death of a loved one in passing year. Or Holiday Depression can also be caused by some financial problems, unemployment or even self evaluation. According to a definition

“Holiday Depression is a feeling of sadness, loneliness, depression and even anxiety that often occur in and around the holiday season.”

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Holiday Depression: What to do with Depression?

There are a number of ways to stop being depressed during the holidays. I myself suffered from Depression in Holiday seasons and I listened to helpful motivating music and mp3s that helped me cope with Holiday Blues. This scientific music consists of subliminal messages that motivated me to move forward and confront my depression bravely. Depression also has a stress factor and some people suffer from panic attacks during the Holiday Season. If you suffer from anxiety, than there are specialized sound anxiety treatment too.These Cds and mp3s can bring balance in ones life with the power of hypnosis.

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Causes of Holiday Depression

There are various notions about the cause of Holiday Depression

  • Many people think the increase in anxiety and depression is caused by the unavoidable stress and exhaustion that come with preparing for the holidays.
  • Holiday cheer amplifies loneliness and hopelessness in people who have lost loved ones.
  • Holidays and Christmas are especially difficult for those who have high expectations of renewed happiness during the holiday season, only to be disappointed.
  • Depression during the holidays can also be due to the fact that people are not working the way they are. For example, if a man works for 12-15 hours during the weekdays, staying at home and doing nothing during the holidays can make him depressed.
  • Holiday Blues can also be caused by less social support. For example, a woman complained that she suffered from depression during Christmas because she was away from her home and family. She also said that she had only one friend and Christmas is very depressing for her.
  • According to a report on cbn.com,, Holiday Depression or Holiday Blues is also caused by the fact that millions of people are heavily in debt and Christmas spending terrifies them all.


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Holiday Depression and Stress

Holiday Depression occurs with Stress because there is so much to do during the holidays. It is partying, shopping, cleaning, entertaining and so much more. A friend of mine suffered from a lot of panic attacks during the holiday season. She suffered from anxiety and it was very difficult for her to cope with the stress that comes with Holiday

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What to with Depression when it tries to kill you?

Depression can result in suicide. Many people suffering from depression lose their lives because of depression. In order to control depression, read self help books that will help you cope with life problems and handle stress and be really successful in your life. A few of my favorite books are “Change your Brain, Change your Life” and “I don’t want to Talk about it”.

If you are suffering from Holiday Depression or any kind of Depression, than you should take action right now. I recommend buying yourself the Subliminal Hypnosis mp3 for Depression. It is a natural therapy without side effects. Music has the power of Healing. Instead of worrying yourself over other things and people, you can do something nice for yourself and enjoy these Holidays. It is good to listen to Relaxing Hypnosis sounds, it rejuvenates you. You deserve this kind of enjoyment and happiness every once in a while.


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