From Fed Up to Blissed Up: Four Steps to Optimistic Living


Being optimistic doesn’t mean you have to be naïve, or unrealistic. You can be as brutally honest about your current circumstances, and you can dislike your present condition. You can even feel fed up, and ready to change. The key to being an optimistic has nothing to do with your here and now, it has to do with what you expect from the future.

The Prime Directive:
Positive future expectations create positive emotions in the here and now.

Here are the 4 steps to making an optimistic future.

1. The Seed
Planting the seeds of optimism begins in your heart. Even if you don’t know what your flower will look like, visualize it, and smile. Trust that, one way or another, there will be a flower, and it will flourish. It will be beautiful. When you think about your future, you are expecting positively.

It isn’t enough to plant good seed, you must also get rid of the bad influences that prevent them from growing. It’s important for you to be aware of the sources of negativity in your life; the environment, your job, or the people in your life. Protect yourself as much as you can, and smile!

2. The Seedling
Think about the things that are working in your life; this will automatically bring your emotions to a positive place. Think about what you do when you make mistakes in these areas. You are learning from your mistakes, and you continue forward, stronger and more confident. Trust yourself to keep an optimistic attitude.

Bring this attitude into the not so successful areas of your life. Take note of the things you’re doing right, however small. Notice how you feel when you do this. Water these seeds of positivity with positive emotion. Start small, nothing grows overnight. Do your best to imagine a happy outcome.

3. The Stem
You are growing in the right direction, and now you need some outside encouragement, like a plant needs a trellis. Find someone who has a great relationship with the future – a life coach or a psychic advisor. Tell them how you’re excavating your fossilized old beliefs and replacing them with future-friendly ones. Ask if they can help.

Are you concerned about future failure? Ask your coach how they would make a friend out of the future. How is it OK to trust that it will all work out? What advice do they have to stay grounded, and make the right decisions for the future? Explore your life issues together, and make light the issues that make you the most nervous about the future.

4. The Flower
If things are improving, share the joy! Be like a flower, show your colors! People will notice the change in your energy, and compliment you; let the praise make you even more blissful.

Flowers lean towards the sun, on both beautiful days and cloudy days. Flowers always trust the sun will shine again. Be your most confident, trusting and colorful self, and you’ll see that the world is there for you.

Our well being in the present has a lot to do with our relationship with our future. Your ability to turn that relationship positive will greatly improve the way you feel in the present. It will make you a happier and a stronger person. Positive future expectations, positive living!

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