Externalizing #Depression for Self Identity


It’s depressing when we have depression, but believing depression is a forever part of us is bound to make it worse.

Internalizing our mental and emotional problems is as if the depression has become a part of our identity, and it quickly attaches itself in a way that we can not let go of it easily. Externalizing depression, saying it’s not intrinsically a part of us, is of great benefit. If we can see that the problems we struggle with are not necessarily part of us, that they are simply the resulting vibration of mind, body, and soul that our environmental climate creates.

It’s a pretty simple task to see ourselves apart from our environment, and the resulting the feelings of depression. It allows us to remain apart from the dilemmas of the mind. Seeing ourselves as individuals who are potentially depression free, happens by seeing ourselves as bigger than the problematic state of mind itself. By externalizing ourselves from our problems, we do not label ourselves as our problems, we open up to the true nature. We can see a bigger territory for ourselves on the map of life.

When we refuse to be limited by the trivia of the world, we enlarge our reality, and our self esteem. This is a very healthy thing to do. By not internalizing the depression, as not truly part of us, we are free to nurture this sure sense of personal identity. We are not defined by our depression, our identity is broader than that. Because we can overcome many of our mental ills, these same mental ills do not, and can not, limit or define us.

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