The Difference Between A Simple Bad Mood And Depression #depression #notjustsad #dystonia

Unhappy Depressed WomanEverybody has gotten up on the wrong side of bed without any reason hundreds, maybe thousands of times throughout their lives. There are several criteria that separates bad moods from actual depression. Before you self-diagnose yourself with a serious mental disease, be sure to read up on the disease to obtain the necessary background knowledge.

There are people who get the blues from simply being in rainy weather. It has a negative effect on them and their day is ruined. This doesn’t mean that there is a serious problem going on in the back of their mind, however.

Everyone experiences bad or moody days. Around one third of the population is said to have short lasting episodes of sadness like this. Diagnosing mental illness only comes into play when these triggers causes a person’s quality of life to be diminished greatly.

People with this mental illness may not be able to handle minor issues that everyone experiences frequently. These include negative events such as academic failures, relationship struggles, or something as small as a missed bus. An individual with a serious problem may end up feeling helpless and overwhelmed with minor setbacks like these. While mentally healthy people could bounce back and go about their business from these daily problems, someone with this illness would not be able to adapt to the situation and may go down in a tail spin.

If you firmly believe that you’re incapable of completing a certain task, it’s most likely that you actually won’t be able to do so successfully. You must seek professional help if this thought becomes so severe that you feel like you can’t do anything right in your life. It’s unfair for someone to go through life constantly feeling unworthy of living.

Basically, there are two types of this mental issue. In one situation, there is a focal problem that causes the disconsolation. For example, the death of a family member or a tragic accident that leads to changes in one’s physiology can cause enormous distress, and can be very difficult to cope with. It is often advised to seek help from a professional who will guide you through this stage. The patient will slowly learn how to live with the loss, and after a period of time will no longer fall victim to sadness.

The more serious cause of this illness can be ambiguous, as one may not have experienced any sort of immense trauma in his or her past. These underlying causes aren’t very obvious such as childhood traumas. Most times, one does not remember the specific reasons at all, or how the issues started.

Your brain has a way of self-preservation where it buries a challenging problem deep down so that you don’t have to deal with it. It is a survival method the brain uses so that you don’t have to go through an emotionally detrimental ordeal. These methods, however, can lead to the more serious issues that underlie your mental distress.

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