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ElderlyWomanInGlassesbyPacian Pain or sorrow is an emotion that everyone has to deal with at a point or another in their lives. Grief and loss counseling can help you work through your pain. Grief is defined as a natural response when something or someone you love is taken away from you.

Many different losses cause pain. You could lose a family member, pet, friend or other loved one. You could also experiencing pain and sadness from losing a job, finances, houses or close dream you had. Sadness is natural because grief is a natural loss.

Ignoring grief does not help because no matter how it is repressed, it will not go away. Crying is a natural way of dealing with pain or sorrow. Dealing and facing it head on is a healthy way to cope and heal from a loss faster.

One theory of pain or sorrow says there are five stages we go through. The first is denial. You deny that something wrong is happening to you. Maybe you do not want to believe that somebody close to you died. The next stage is anger. You ask, “why is this happening”. You might look for someone to blame. The next stage is called bargaining. You say, “make this not happen and in return I will do something”. The next stage is depression. You feel feelings of emptiness and sadness and do not feel like taking part in any activity. The final stage is accepting. In this stage, you come to terms with what happened and feel at peace.

Many people will experience the exact stages in this way while other people will experience some of the stages or experience the stages in a different order. Still, some people do not experience any of these stages and have a unique way of dealing with their pain. Dealing with pain is a bit different for each person depending on their situation and unique way of dealing with things.

Pain or sorrow is subjective and unique to every body. According to a theory, a person has to pass through all of these stages to overcome it. Some only experience some of the stages or none at all. The best thing to know is that everyone has a unique way of dealing with grief.

Therapy is one way to deal with grief. You could talk through your feelings with a professional who will be able to help you cope with symptoms. They may digest different techniques to help you.

Support groups or group therapy are another option if you prefer to talk in a group. You can find support groups at hospitals, hospices, counseling centers and funeral homes. Other people are going through similar situations and may be able to help you. You can talk with people who have also lost loved ones and are going through the same feelings of grief as you are.

Vent out your sadness through art like painting or write an unsent letter to the person you lost. Take care of yourself. Do not drink too much and do not use prohibited drugs. They may be effective but only for a short period of time. When you are sober, pain or sorrow is sure to strike again. Time heals all things, and if you are patient enough, together with your support group, grief will heal.

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