Come To The Dark Side, We Have Cookies #depression


Going to the dark places in your life is scary.

It is hard. It’s exhausting. But in spite of all of that , it’s one of the most fruitful escapades you can attempt. Why you’ll ask? Because going into the “shadows” permits you to show deep seeded pain, experiences and events you actually haven’t come to terms with yet, and emotions you’ve a tendency to avoid. When you go into the shadows with compassion and love, and actually seek to understand the parts of you that could be experiencing pain, you give yourself the chance to heal.

How superb would that be?

How fantastic would it be to at last heal the holes in your soul which have been eating at you, whether you know it or not, for years?

But how do you take this journey?

The best technique to get to this place, the shadows, is by putting yourself into a very relaxed and safe state (meditation). When you start to dive into this place, naturally your most serious fears, worries, and anxieties about life will come about. Continue to breathe. The major ability that you need to develop when you go to this place is getting near enough to these events and thoughts so you can actually feel them, though not getting so close that you become fully engulfed by them. This takes some heavy practice and a commitment to work through the “hard stuff. ”

There’s really no letting you know what will precisely take place when you frequently do this exercise but the proven fact is that major pains and anxieties will release from you over a period.

That, in of itself, is what makes the entire journey profitable. The secondary benefit is that you truly get to unscramble your past which helps you to get into the present moment.

Take a dive into doing shadow work. See what occurs! It might be one of the most worthwhile adventures of your life.

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