You Need Chaos In Your Soul


“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” – Nietzsche

“Go to the deepest darkest place you can permit yourself to be and see if you can find a little light up in the top right corner?”

Yes, I saw that little light. For years, I thought that light was something by the name of resilience. What I didn’t know was that the light was really joy. How could joy exist in this extraordinarily dark moment? How could joy be present in this awful and terrible time?

I can recollect how it felt in that moment. Everything was totally black. The darkest black you could even imagine. If you have ever seen a black table that has been lacquered thousands of times, the depths appear never-ending. This situation and time in my life was this similar type of black and it was as thick is molasses. It was horrifying.

I realize now that there was the presence of light, I just wasn’t looking for it.

It’s complicated, the idea of returning back to this place. There are so many things that are buried there that I’d rather not go back and explore. But I know that this is the place that I need to explore. This is the place that I need to discover because there are many gifts of learning there. It’s very easy to be scared of this place and to wonder why you would ever want to go back, but that’s the place where the magic is.

This place, while dark, can be illuminated. Like all dark places, bring a bright enough lantern into it and you can begin to see things as they are and not just how your scared mind has interpreted them to be. So I’m bringing that light in. I’m bring compassion in. I’m going to light up the place that has rooted itself in fears for such a long time.

It’s time to dive in fully.

Lantern in hand.

Evan Sanders is a professional life coach at AYKME Life Coaching and writes daily articles on the journey of life at The Words Of Encouragement Dive into these Letting Go Quotes for more inspiration in letting go and healing the past.

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