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25 Apr 2016

Treating the brain with sound is a radical treatment for depression.

New research shows that bursts of sound waves above the range of human hearing, appear to boost mood and ease depression and anxiety. Volunteers report significant improvements in their mood within ten minutes of a single burst
6 Sep 2015

Self Hypnosis for Depression will help you change from within. Find out more.

Emotional Depression Symptoms If you feel you have the following symptoms of depression, and they won’t go away, you may be suffering from depression. Difficulty concentrating, or easy tasks become difficult. Insomnia or sleeping too much. You
17 Oct 2014

Research Regarding Binaural Beats and Depression #hypnosis #depression #binaural

A major focus into research on binaural beats have been depression, anxiety, stress and the inability for individuals suffering from these conditions to relax. We will look at the factual evidence from academic studies conducted on the
13 Oct 2013

Left Brain, Right Brain, And The Power Of Poetry #binaural

Some kids are right-brain dominant. They're creative. They think out of the box. They dance and do art. They usually don't like math.Other kids are left-brain dominant. They take things apart to figure out how they work.
3 Jan 2013

#Binaural Beats For #Meditation

Imagine having a technology that can allow you to meditate like a zen Buddhist monk. Think for a moment how many benefits you could receive from being able to enter a deep thought-free state within minutes by
15 Nov 2012

11 Things to Help You Be Happy

Sometimes when we suffer from depression, we need a little help. It could be a natural concoction of herbs, or a binaural beats compilation that helps to rewire our brains. It can be a walk in the