Is Your Bipolar Relationship Like a Romance Novel?


When it comes to marriage, sometimes there are many things that you have to compromise. For instance, your spouse could have certain characters that you do not like but have to cope up with them to make things work. Like, when you are living with a spouse who has a bipolar disorder, the marriage can be a rough ride at times. The mood swings can make things exhilarating and at times can be frustrating. However, learning the techniques of how to live with such a partner can make it a bearable course for both of you. There are numerous thriving and survival tips for bipolar romance novel relationship.

Try to build a support mechanism towards that person. Knowing that you partner has a special need makes you learn to look at the problem. Hence, caring for your partner with the condition means that you are able to focus on their needs and also concentrate on ways to source your own support. You can try joining a group or family with people suffering from a similar disorder.

Carry out heavy breathing exercises issues get tough. It is normal for humans to blow things out of proportion. For instance, you may get very deep into your feelings without taking into consideration that your spouse is sick. Therefore, taking in deep breaths assists you to regain control and recall that the individual is no longer in control of their feelings.

In case a feud sparks up between the two of you then distancing yourself is a solution too. It leaves your bipolar partner alone and times to bring him or her together hence relaxing and getting over the matter quickly. Therefore you two are able to live again in peace.

Make an effort to tell the individual some funny comments to lighten their mood. That is not the method for each and everyone but it is a good choice. Helping the person laugh will lift their spirits. Remind them of the good moments that you have shared together. Helping them recall such instances will assist them to get out of the funk they are in and be joyful.

Always put restrictions when it comes to taking medication. Always make it clear that taking the medication is a non-negotiable deal. Remember if they skin on the medication, there is a high likelihood they will get into the depression mode and the condition will be back sooner than you thought. Try making them understand if they are not taking the medicine, then you are leaving the house. That helps such persons get on track quickly.

Always recall your love for the person. Sadly, there are times when the situation and partner may become unbearable. At such a point, you may be tempted to throw in the towel. Do not let yourself be carried away by such emotions. Recall that you loved the person knowing that they have the condition. That gives the patience and resilience to stay with that spouse.

Remember your marriage philosophies. Marriage is for the better and worse. Hence, do not let the bad time overrule you. Love this person in both the good times and also in the tough times.

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